Make Better Decisions for a More Fulfilling Life

This book will give you the tools to make better decisions and the formula for lasting change so that you can finally get what you truly desire.

A Powerful Tool to Making Decisions That Lead You to the Life You've Always Wanted

There’s something you keep saying you want to do or a change you want to make, but you never seem to be able to do it. 

You might take a few steps in the right direction one day but find yourself falling back into your comfort zone the next day and not able to break through to finally get what you say you want.

When you follow the guidelines laid out for you in this book, you will be able to make the best decision for you and accomplish what you’ve wanted to achieve. 

The tools and exercises in this book show you how to get clarity on the best decision for you and the steps you need to take to get the results you want.  

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Meet the Author

Tami Jaffe is a success coach, author, speaker and international traveler who guides her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of making a change. Having been a corporate leader for 20 years, thriving through several career transitions, starting her own business, going to 7 different schools and living in several different states, she is no stranger to making hard decisions and learning how to manage change. Tami lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband who is a Chiropractor and their two daughters. Copyright 2020   |   Privacy Policy | Terms of Service